Shaped by the sea, Handcrafted with love.


My Creative Space
Where designs become reality

The workshop is my creative space where the excitement of transforming a piece of sea glass into a beautiful item of jewellery begins.

After searching for sea glass on the beach I enjoy going to into the workshop to examine all my finds and begin to work on designs. Each piece of sea glass is unique in shape and I like to keep true to this by incorporating this into each design.

I take pride in using the best, carefully selected pieces of glass and high quality, recycled sterling silver or fine silver for intricate wire work.

Over the years I refined a number of techniques and processes, working with a variety of tools and equipment to carefully handcraft the silver and sea glass together. Each stage of this requires attention to detail and patience but it’s an incredibly satisfying  journey, recycling the sea glass and seeing my designs become reality.

Creating A Heart of Glass
A Lovingly Handcrafted Journey

The journey to here started in 2014 when I began collecting sea glass and making jewellery which I sold at the Sark Folk Festival under the name ‘Sarah Jane Art’. The ‘Heart of Glass’ design was created in the summer of 2017 as a signature piece to celebrate the launch of my new brand and venture as a sea glass & silver jewellery artist.

The shape is a version of my ‘Heart of Glass’ logo, inspired by the beautiful Guernsey coastlines and the connection the jewellery has with the sea. The top of the heart represents the rolling waves of the Guernsey coast washing over the sea glass celebrating natures part in shaping this piece of jewellery. The heart signifies the love that I have for the island and it’s stunning natural environments.

The process of transforming a piece of glass into an item of jewellery is complex and requires attention to detail throughout but is ultimately extremely rewarding. Below is a step-by-step portfolio of how I made this piece.


This necklace pendant was designed as a signature piece to launch ‘Heart of Glass’ in the summer of 2017. This is a variation of the logo which represents my love for Guernsey’s interesting and varied coastline…

Sorting Seaglass

Collecting seaglass is a lengthy but enjoyable part of process and as I find each piece of glass I begin to shape my ideas of how it could be used within an item of jewellery…

Making The Bezel

Bezelling is the first stage in creating a bezel cup and involves wrapping the glass in fine silver. For this piece I used 3mm bezel wire…

Bezel Cup

The bezel cup encases the sea glass in silver. It not only gives it a nice finish but also provides a surface onto which additional silver detailing can be soldered…

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