Creating a Heart of Glass
Bezel Cup
The bezel cup encases the sea glass in silver. It not only gives it a nice finish but also provides a surface onto which additional silver detailing can be soldered, in this case the silver heart.

The base for the bezel cup is marked and cut from sterling silver sheet before being soldered to the bezel strip. I add flux to all of the silver to reduce the amount of fire scale effecting the piece. The bezel is placed onto the sheet and solder is arranged around the join. I then heat the pieces to melt the solder and to fuse the bezel cup. the cup is then quenched in water and placed in the pickling solution to remove the fire scale.

  • Cutting the bezel
    Cutting the silver base
  • Aligning base and bezel strip
  • Adding Flux
  • The soldered bezel cup