Shaped by the sea, Handcrafted with love.

About Me

Seaglass & Silver Jewellery Artist

I am one of those people who is only happy when I have a creative project on the go and over the years I’ve explored a range of media from textiles, to portraiture and abstract landscapes. After qualifying from university with a degree in textiles and PGCE in secondary education, I worked as a teacher of design and technology which gave me lots of opportunity to explore a range of methods and materials further.

Shaping a silver heart in the workshop.

Since becoming a mother the beautiful beaches and varied coastline of Guernsey have become a regular playground and it is here that has inspired me to create seaglass and silver jewellery. It was whilst exploring with my daughter a few years ago that I discovered my first piece of seaglass and was instantly taken in by it’s unique shape and vibrant colour. I guess it was inevitable that I spent that summer searching for more seaglass and experimenting with different creations. Thankfully my daughter loves spending time at the beach and enjoys the search for sea glass, hunting for those exotic colours as much as I do.

Seaglass Jewellery

Since those early discoveries I have developed and refined my craftsmanship with sea glass and silver and have fallen in love with creating sea glass jewellery, from the excitement of discovering a piece of sea glass to creating a bespoke piece of jewellery. I love that each piece of sea glass I find and use is visually distinct from any other which means that each piece of jewellery created with them is unique. To remain true to this, I don’t reshape the glass in any way, instead preferring to design and shape the silver individually for each item.

This journey from sea washed treasure into a piece of bespoke jewellery is a real pleasure and I feel privileged to be able to transform these once discarded objects into beautiful accessories.

A bespoke Guernsey seaglass ring