Shaped by the sea, Handcrafted with love.

Sea glass

Gems of the Sea
Tumbled by the ocean and transformed into treasure

After many years being tumbled by the ocean, sea glass transforms from trash to treasure as once sharp edges become beautifully smooth contours with a lightly frosted surface that is unique to each piece.

Scouring the coastline for these shiny gems is an enjoyable but addictive pursuit and in many ways quite soulful as time often slips away whilst I focus on the tiniest details in the sand. Spotting a flash of colourful glass amongst seaweed, sand and shells is exciting and like discovering a new piece of missing treasure. I love that each piece of glass has a degree of mystique, each with a history and secrets that we will never know.

The individuality and uniqueness of each piece of seaglass is special and it’s important to me that I preserve this in my work and incorporate it into the design of each piece of jewellery. As a consequence, every piece of jewellery made is completely unique with it’s own colour and character.

Sea Glass Colours
Discover the variety of sea glass washed up on our shores.

The more I’ve worked with sea glass, the greater my interest has been in understanding some of the history behind each piece. We will never know their exact origins but it is exciting to speculate and the colour gives us a small insight into its’ past. Some particularly rare colours date back to the 1700s and possibly even earlier and include sources such as poison bottles and vintage electrical components. Here’s a selection from my ever growing collection with a brief description of it’s rarity and history.