Shaped by the sea, Handcrafted with love.

Shop ♡ Pendants

    'Cradle Rock' Pendants (Single and Double Bezel)

    Named after the striking ‘Cradle Rock’ at Moulin Huet Bay, this piece comprises of a sterling silver ‘cradle’ containing single or double sea glass bezelled with fine silver.

    'Heart of Glass' Signature Pendant

    ‘Heart of Glass’ signature pendant handmade with high quality sterling silver and with beautiful Guernsey sea glass.

    'Bec du Nez' Bezelled Sea Glass

    Vibrant tones of Guernsey sea glass bezelled and set in sterling silver.

    Sarnia - "Gem of The Sea"

    Handcrafted Guernsey-shaped pendants made with sterling silver and a beautiful piece of Guernsey Sea Glass.

    Rockpool Designs

    Sterling silver and sea glass pendants inspired by the bright starfish, vraic and marine life that can be found like treasure in Guernsey rock pools.

    La Divette

    A beautiful petite Guernsey sea glass pendant handcrafted using fine and sterling silver. Named after Divette; a small cove which is one of Guernsey’s hidden gems.

    'Platte' Pendant

    Guernsey Sea Glass and sterling sliver pendant representing Guernsey’s strong but beautiful tidal flows.

    Sea Glass Drop Heart

    Guernsey Sea glass handcrafted to suspend below a sterling silver heart.